Application Guide

How to apply your vinyl designs correctly


Prepare your surface and plan your layout

  • Ensure your surface is clean, dry & free from dirt & grease.
  • Without removing the backing paper, position your decal on the desired surface & secure with masking tape.
  • Mark the wall at the corners with a pencil for correct positioning.


Applying your Decal

  • After completing the above, place your decal on a flat surface.
  • Using a squeegee (or credit card), rub over the top of the application tape to ensure that the vinyl adheres firmly to this.
  • Separate the backing paper from the application tape ensuring that the vinyl lifts onto the application tape. (this is best achieved by placing decal face down)
  • Once separated, hold the application tape on its top corners and position it on the wall. (use the pencil marks your made to ensure correct placement)
  • Once in position, apply pressure from the middle to outward sides. The harder you squeegee, the better the decal will stick.
  • Gently remove the application tape by peeling back over itself, ensuring that the decal remains on the surface.
  • Air bubbles may be popped with a pin, and pushed flat with finger.


Although we make use of premium vinyls, they do not adhere to ALL surfaces / wall & paint finishes. We are therefore unable to offer any guarantees. We cannot be held responsible for any damages caused by applying or removing a decal from any surface.

DO NOT APPLY TO FRESHLY PAINTED SURFACES – wait a minimum of 2 weeks after painting.

Decals may be removed, but NOT repositioned or re-used.