Step-by-Step Application Guide

Prepare your surface & plan your layout

Ensure your surface is clean, dry & free from dirt & grease. Without removing the backing, place your decal on the desired surface & secure with masking tape across the top.
Do not remove backing paper until you are happy with the layout. 

Apply your decal

Lift the decal towards the masking tape and slowly remove the backing paper. Make sure to keep holding the decal away from the surface.

FOR LARGER DECALS - tape across the centre of the decal - this will allow you to work with one half at a time.

While holding your decal away from the surface with one hand, gently squeegee the decal down with the other.
Apply pressure from the middle to the outward sides - the harder you squeegee the better the decal will stick.
Gently remove the application tape hy peeling it back over itself, ensuring that the decal remains on the surface.
Air bubbles maybe popped with a pin and pushed flat with your finger.
For best results, purchase a squeegee (available to order from Living Wall Creations at R45.00 each) 

Important Information

Decals may be removed, but NOT re-positioned or re-used.
Although we make use of premium vinyls, they do not adhere to all surfaces / wall finishes, we are therefore unable to offer any guarantees.
We cannot beheld responsible for any damages caused hy applying or removing a decal from any surface.
DO NOT APPLY TO FRESHLY PAINTED SURFACES - Wait a minimum of 2 weeks after painting.

How does it work?

Select a design from our product catalogue or send us your custom design idea. Select your vinyl colour and finish. Apply & Enjoy! 

Custom Designs

Do you have something unique in mind? Complete the custom design form for a quotation on your custom design idea.

Returns Policy

Because our decals are custom made to client specification, they are not returnable or refundable. Decal applications are done at own risk!

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